....and we explain everything that belongs to life - that is, our emotions and feelings that are most visible after our behavior, because in Our School there are no facades and no blagiers but an open honest man.
We live in a shared campus, where everything is logical and friendly to us. We learn wise and useful activities in everyday life. Thanks to our carers and teachers, we can learn more and feel safe. We learn good communication. Anyway, look:


  •  we overstate the level by which we fall from fatigue


  • we like others, communicate well and work together


  •  every moment we use diligently to read

  • we have a distance to problems, easy-peasy we will make it work


  •  we have a good mood, we always rush somewhere, we accept changes

  • they surround us with care, that's why we feel safe


  • sometimes laziness wins

  • we also focus on sport and take risks

  • younger friends move us


  • sometimes we need peace and quiet and reflection on ourselves


If you feel sympathy for us, our bears' lair is open to new Bears